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Meet the Team

Massage Practitioner/ Esthetician: Destiny


Makeup Artist/ Esthetician: Drew 



william website photoWilliam Edge is owner and creative influence of the William Edge, ProdEdgy and Vann.Edge Salon Groups as well as the founder of Pure Edge-ucation, a premiere education team. William Edge’s commitment to education has brought him around the world, from London to Taiwan to Australia, performing hair/fashion shows and business/motivational seminars. William strives to bring excitement in learning & sharing to any venue. In addition to his acclaimed artistic work, William Edge is also one of the most insightful motivational speakers in our industry.


 Lisa Vann

lisa website photoEver since she joined Seattle's Marketplace Salon in 1987, Lisa Vann has continued to grow her career. For 25 years, Lisa Vann has developed her brand. Through hard work and dedication, Lisa Vann created a large client following. If you walk into the Aveda salons and concept stores in the Seattle and Portland areas and mention her name, you'll realize that she's a legend. Lisa Vann travels the world as an Aveda Guest Artist, global educator, and editorial stylist. While demonstrating innovative techniques and products that further Rechelbacher's ecoprenuership, Lisa Vann inspires salon professionals.

She stays up-to-date on the latest looks by attending Fashion Week events in The United States and around the world. And, Lisa Vann still styles hair for her long-time clients—the loyalty goes both ways.


Stylist & Makeup Artist: DAN

dan2Dan first started working within the Aveda network in 1997. Since then he has seen and adapted to many changes within the industry. Working with guests and customizing the service based on their texture and density, as well as their face shape and personal style. Be it a change in Makeup, Haircut, Color or Texture, his goal is to make your personality come through in your image. He has participated in numerous educational events, charitable events, worked with hair shows, photo shoots, and has been active within the Aveda Network. His continuous study of current and classic fashion, combined with the mastery and love of the industry, gives him the ability to work with individuals and help create a look that is customized for them.



Christopher ArchiopoliChristopher Archiopoli fell into the salon industry by accident. While attending Arizona State University to earn his Marketing degree, he was working at a salon in the Phoenix area doing administrative work. Christopher was inspired by the philanthropic work done by the salon, as well as the ability of hair stylists to touch people's lives. Following his graduation, he decided that he could not live his life relegated to a cubicle, and instead decided to pursue a career in the industry he had grown to love. Moving to Seattle in 2006, Christopher attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, and went through advanced training at one of Seattle’s top Aveda salons. Since the beginning of his career as a hair designer, he has worked within the Aveda network, becoming a licensed cosmetology instructor in 2009, and an Aveda Hair Color Purefessional in 2011. Although comfortable with all hair textures, types, and lengths, Christopher excels at red heads, curly hair, and shorter styles. "While I love making people's days as a service provider, my passion lies in education and making a difference in the world." 



Stylist & Makeup Artist: MICHAEL

Michael MattesonMichael Matteson, who has worked with Aveda in the Midwest, the South, and on the West Coast, has gained experience, built happy clientele, and made many friends along the way. Coming from a very diverse family—with not only diverse hair types but widely differing preferences, he can’t imagine not knowing how to do someones hair just because its new or different to him. Over 18 years he has mastered all textures of hair. Awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design, Michael trained there as an artist and has since created everything from large-scale outdoor painted murals to finely imagined and executed line drawings. Michael has been drawing as long as he can remember and sees direct relationships between what he does in the studio with what he does in the salon. As he stands painting at his easel, so he stands behind the chair at the salon—constantly perusing new techniques and inspiration. Thus, in the medium of hair color and makeup, he is actually painting. “Hair cutting and styling feel like drawing or sculpture to me”. Michael strongly believes in giving his all to every guest, and making their time with him something special. “My gift to you for selecting me to be your hair stylist is a hand and arm massage with every shampoo, a relaxing foot massage with every hair color service, and a scalp massage with essential oils for every haircut.” Passionate in his work, what Michael does is art. He sees it as creating personalized commission pieces for his guests.  


kimberly website photo2

Kimberly started her career in cosmetology in 2013, attending the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. After working in admin for 10 years she decided to change careers and pursue something she had loved doing since she was 15. Throughout her time in cosmetology school, Kim was involved with the editorial team where she was introduced and worked with the team here at Vann.Edge. She dreamed of being in a salon that allowed her creativity to flow and that would allow her to explore all sides of the industry outside of just working behind the chair. From photoshoots, editorial events, and an amazing focus on continued education, Kim knew there was nowhere she would rather set up shop. She loves mens cuts, fashion styling, and is well known in the salon for creating beautiful balayage (a technique Kim has truly mastered). 


Stylist: CASSIDY

cassidy website photoCassidy began his career in cosmetology at the beginning of 2013. After a year and a half as a math major at Washington State University, countless dorm room haircuts for friends, and a lifetime of pestering his mother and female cousins  to let him do their hair, Cassidy dropped out of college and moved across the state to Seattle. Attending the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, he instantly fell in love with the culture and ideals that are taught in the Aveda network. “It is a great feeling to be a part of something much bigger than myself, to make a difference ‘not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.’” After graduating from the institute, Cassidy met Lisa, Dan, and Christopher by chance in a coffee house downtown where they encouraged him to come hang out for a day. That next week he shadowed with the team and instantly knew there was no other salon he would want to call home. Cassidy is excited to be a part of a team with such a large focus on continued education. Since starting here he has completed the Vann.Edge bootcamp phase and cannot wait to learn all that he can. When it comes to hair, he is a fan of it all. In particular Cassidy enjoys when his guests want to completely change their look, and is always excited when he hears the words “just chop it all off”. “Our hair is a big part of who we are. There is truly nothing more rewarding than being able to give my guests a style that reflects them, bringing out the beauty and confidence everyone has inside."


Stylist & Makeup Artist: ROSE

rose website photo2When a child is born, we tell them they can be anything they want and support the path that they choose. When an artist is born they cannot be anything they want because they are many things. Rose was not only born an artist, but raised by one, and was instilled with a passion and eye for the creative. She first began her artistic journey picking up the saxophone in the third grade and eventually being pulled toward Seattle to play in a jazz band. In typical artist fasion, music was not her only love. She began doing hair, at home, at the young age of thirteen. With herself as a primary canvas, and endless avenues of inspiration, she taught herself not only hair but makeup as well. Needing to support herself as a young adult, Rose went to work for "the man" for six years. She worked hard and gained many useful skills in relating to people, dealing with stressful situations, and managing a business. Passion though, once ignited, can never die and Rose felt her calling to pursue her destiny as a hair stylist. She attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute and graduated with perfect attendance. Following graduation, Rose set her sights on Vann.Edge, knowing it would be a perfect fit for her being a fast paced and fashion forward salon. Patience and persistence paid off and she became a shining part of the team in July of 2015. A unicorn at heart, Rose definitely has a flair for the colorful, edgy, and unusual. However, she also has a wonderful eye for the classic and sophisticated. Her true passion when it comes to her guests is to help transform the best version of themselves, bringing the inner beauty to the surface. Rose starts each day remembering the words of one of her hair idols, Gary Howse. "Do what you love and the rest will follow..."



Stylist & Makeup Artist: CHRISTINA 

christina website photo2

  "I am madly in love with what I do, however allow me to clarify. Styling hair and  placing makeup on a face is a ton of fun and how I make my living, but rather building someone up and watching them leave more confident and fulfilled after sitting in my chair is where my true passion lies." Christina Rauch is one of  Vann.Edge's wildly creative and quirky new talents, she appreciates the  opportunity to share her passion for hair and makeup design with her guests.  She is down to earth and open to new concepts of style, unfettered by challenge.  Her favorite quests are those who desire naturally eloquent colors with illustrious  tone, unique and bold renditions of classic cuts for both men and women, but  above all, a client as excited for expressing their style as she is for them.  Christina has been a part of several projects with Vann.Edge and Seattle Talent.  In her own time she pursues artistic styling projects with local models and  photographers. She craves further education whether it be in-salon training and  advanced classes, or honing her skills practicing at home among her two adored  cats. Christina offers a wide array of services to fit a diverse taste. She looks  forward to helping you express yourself more flawlessly than ever before. 



Esthetician & Makeup Artist: DEBORAH

deborah website photoDeborah is our wonderful esthetician who offers a wide variety of body treatments as well as hair removal services. Throughout her years in her previous profession as a paralegal, she always had an underlying passion for skin care and makeup. Many nights were spent painting faces and doing facials on her friends and family, believing that healthy skin is happy skin. “People forget that our skin is our largest and most exposed organ, being able to help keep it healthy and beautiful is my number one goal.” Deborah puts a positive light on everything in life and its hard to leave a conversation with her not feeling amazing about yourself. After surviving breast cancer she wanted to pursue her dreams and attended the Aveda Institute here in Seattle, becoming a licensed esthetician in early 2015. If you feel like having a truly one of a kind experience book your next spa appointment with Deborah today! 


Guest Services Team: Danielle & Jennifer

danjendeskDanielle and Jennifer bring a wealth of customer service experience and knowledge to our front end. They have been trained to live the Vann.Edge "every guest, every time" mantra and empowered to serve our guests in meeting their individual needs. Danielle and Jennifer have already made a distinct mark on raising the bar for customer service. We love having them and we think you will too.